About Itchy Frenchie

Itchy Frenchie is a website dedicated to discussing all things Frenchies, including the health and skin conditions in French bulldogs. The site is run by French bulldog owners Jordan and Eric Jester, who have been married since 2009. Our pup was “blessed” with an abundance of allergies, and when he was only a few months old he had episodes of head shakes, which we thought were seizures. They eventually went away but it was difficult to watch him go through that. Today he is a healthy Frenchie, with the exception of having every allergy known to dog.

Our Itchy Frenchie

Meet Norman! He’s the inspiration behind Itchy Frenchie. We got Norman in 2009 just a few months before we got married, and he has been a huge part of our life ever since. Together, we have spent a large amount of money on vet visits, medications, shampoos, wipes, and many other things in an attempt to help our dog not feel like ripping off his own skin. We’ve had small victories here and there, but unfortunately he remains an itchy Frenchie. In fact, one vet actually told us he is allergic to air…wait, what?…Nevertheless, he does enjoy getting outside, going for walks, and taking rides in the car. But his absolute favorite activity is cuddling up with us on the couch (in between vet visits, of course!).

Frenchie, French bulldog

We hope you find the information on this site useful. If you visit the Itchy Frenchie Blog page, there will be updates on our Frenchie, along with stories and articles about French bulldogs in general. Feel free to leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!